ACO Name and Location

National ACO, LLC.
9400 Brighton Way, Suite 405
Beverly Hills, California  90210

National ACO Primary Contact

Alex Foxman, M.D., F.A.C.P.
Phone: 310.691.1356

Composition of ACO

ACO professionals in an independent practice arrangement

National ACO Participants

  • 1 Community Wellness & Health Inc.
  • Alec Randolph Pearlstein, M.D., Inc.
  • Aaron M. Perlmutter, M.D. Inc.
  • Adel Boutros, M.D.
  • Alex Foxman, M.D., Inc.
  • Ali Sheybani Medical Inc.
  • Alyn Gary Anderson, M.D., Inc.
  • Allan S. Lew, M.D., Inc.
  • Angelus Medical Clinic MultiSpecialty Group, Inc.
  • Appalachian Surgery
  • Beverly Hills Conceirge Doctor., Inc.
  • Bristol Park Family Medicine DBA Pacific Medical Management
  • Bruce L. Miller, M.D., Inc.
  • Carlos A. Alvarez MD, Inc.
  • Central Tennessee Foot & Ankle
  • Clinica Medica San Miguel
  • Cloud Medical, LLC.
  • Complete Care Family Medical Clinic
  • Concierge Physicians Group, A Professional Corp
  • Conservative Care Specialists Medical Group
  • Dagmar Liepa, M.D.
  • Dan Naim, M.D. Medical Corporation
  • Daryl Houston, M.D.
  • David B. Lalezari , M.D.
  • David Ramin, M.D., Inc.
  • David H. Stern, M.D.
  • David Tsong, M.D., Inc.
  • Dean Ba Ngo, M.D., Inc.
  • Dr. Evelyn Cintron, M.D.
  • Dr. Max E. Mercado Practice, LLC
  • Dr. Shehnaz Habib, M.D.
  • Dr.'s Tumasz and LoBianco Associates
  • Edmond Melikterminas MDAPC
  • Edward L. Riceberg, Inc.
  • Evans Medical Clinic, PLLC
  • For Your Family Health Care
  • Gallatin Family Practice Center, LLC.
  • Gastroenterology Associates of Beverly Hills
  • Gerado Canchola, M.D.
  • Gloria Bachelder, M.D.
  • Healing Hand Family Care Clinics Corporation
  • Hilcrest Clinic PC
  • Hilton, M.D., Inc.
  • Holmesburg Family Medicine Associates PC
  • Home of Healing Arts
  • Internal Wellness Medical Center, Inc.
  • Jay E. Gladstein, M.D., Inc.
  • John K Eshleman, DO
  • Joseph Nassir, M.D., Inc.
  • Kansal Inc.
  • Kaveh Sharif, M.D.
  • Kirin Dua, M.D. DBA Northridge Industrial Family
  • Lafayette Pediatrics & Internal Medicine
  • Lawrence Mora M.D.
  • LaBrea Medical Clinic Pain Managment, Inc.
  • Longmont Integrative Family Practice
  • Mahesh V. Bhuta, M.D.
  • Martin Hauptschein M.D.
  • McKenzie Medical Center, Professional Corporation
  • Med Institute, Inc.
  • Meetah D. Peer, M.D. PC
  • Mehrdad Pakdaman, M.D., Inc.
  • Melinda Maranto DBA Camden Family Care Clinic
  • Michael Borookhim, M.D., Inc.
  • Michael Burton, M.D.
  • Michael T. Duffy, M.D.
  • Minghsun Liu, M.D., Ph.D., P.C.
  • North Vista Medical Partners
  • Paul Mackell, M.D. PC
  • Payam Robert Yashar, M.D., Inc.
  • R. Srinivasan, M.D. Inc.
  • Regional Rehabilitation Center, PLLC
  • Rheumatology-Sumeet Bhinder, M.D., Inc.
  • Rising Sun Family Practice Center, Inc.
  • Rumi Lakha, D.O., Inc. Star Care Home Health, Inc.
  • Sage Family Medicine PC
  • San Fernando Mission Medical Group
  • Shadi Medical Corp, Inc.
  • Shaun S. Daneshrad, MD AMC
  • Sivalingam Medical Corporation, Inc.
  • Solomon N. Fourouzesh, M.D., Inc.
  • Son Thanh Le, M.D., Inc.
  • Star Care Home Health Inc.
  • Steven E. Kamara, M.D.
  • Surinder Saini, M.D., Inc.
  • The Walk in Clinic of Sparta, LLC
  • TLC Family Care PC
  • Tri-County Medical Center PC
  • Victor B Siew, M.D., Inc.
  • Westside Medical Associates of Los Angeles, Inc.
  • White Bluff Family Health Care Center
  • Yuma Community Physicians PLLC
  • Yuma Medical Clinic PC


National ACO Governing Body

Dr. Andre Berger Voting Member, CEO/COO
Dr. Alex Foxman Voting Member and President/CMO
Dr. Daniel Hilton Voting Member
Dr. Joseph Nassir Voting Member
Dr. David Ramin Voting Member
Dr. Volker Winkler Voting Member
Dr. Payam Shadi Voting Member
Joe Bucher Voting Member, Outside Accountant
Dr. Joseph Pongonis Voting Member
Dennis Schwartz
Voting Member, Medicare Beneficiary
Dr. Laird Cagan Voting Member
Dr. Daryl Houston
Voting Member
Dr. Subir Guha Voting Member
Dr. Mitch Freeman Voting Member
Russ Frandsen Non-Voting Member, Secretary/Chief Compliance Officer/Advisor
Joe Bucher Non-Voting Member, Accountant
Al Holloway Non-Voting Member, Advisor
Hal Sadowy Non-Voting Member, Advisor
Paul Katz Non-Voting Member, Advisor
Richard Stephenson Non-Voting Member, Advisor

National  ACO Committees and Key Leadership Personnel

Andre Berger, MD CEO/COO
Alex Foxman, M.D. President/ Medical Director
Daniel Hilton Medical Director Orange County
Joe Bucher, CPA Outside Accountant/Advisor

Russ Frandsen, Esq.

Legal Counsel/Chief Compliance Officer
La Tiere Galvan, MBA Office Manager
Edwin Everett National Provider Network Manager; Director of Provider Engagement
Andre Berger, M.D. Chair-Medical Standards Committee
Alex Foxman, M.D. Chair-Utilization Committee
Daniel Hilton, M.D. Chair-Nomination & Corporate Governance Committee
Chair-Compensation Committee
David Ramin, M.D. Chair-Quality Assurance & Peer Review

Chief Executive Officer/Chief Operating Officer

Andre Berger, M.D.

President/Chief Information Officer/Medical Director

Alex Foxman, M.D.

Outside Accountant

Joseph Bucher, CPA

Chief Compliance Officer and Legal Counsel

Russell Frandson, Esq.

Medical Director

Alex Foxman, MD

Nomination and Corporate Governance Committee

Daniel Hilton, M.D. (Chair)

Joseph Nassir, M.D.

Dean Ngo, M.D.

Audit Committee

Daniel Hilton, M.D.

Daryl Houston, M.D. (Chair)

Compensation Committee

Joseph Nassir, M.D. (Chair)

Daniel Hilton, M.D.

Russ Frandsen, Esq.

Dennis Schwartz, M.D.

Quality Assurance and Peer Review Committee

David Ramin, M.D. (Chair)

David Tsong, M.D.

Shaun Daneshrad, M.D.

Solomon Forouzesh, M.D.

Utilization/Care Management Committee

Alex Foxman, M.D. (Chair)

Alyn Anderson, M.D.

Medical Standards Committee

Andre Berger, M.D. (Chair)

Shaun Daneshrad, M.D.

Jay Gladstein, M.D.

Martin Hauptschein, M.D.

Aggregate Amount of Shared Savings/Losses

  • Performance Year 1:  $3,033,550.52
  • Performance Year 2:  $1,581,328.00
  • Performance Year 3:  $6,933.257.00

How Shared Savings are Distributed

Repayment of CMS Advance Payment:

  • Net amount received by the National ACO, the Advance Payment from CMS in the amount of $1,260,160 was repaid

Quality Performance Results: 2013 Summary Statistics

Risk Standardized, All Conditions Readmissions (ACO-8)

  • ACO Performance Rate = 15.65
  • Mean Performance Rate for All ACOs = 14.86

ASC Admissions: COPD or Asthma in Older Adults (ACO-9)

  • ACO Performance Rate = 1.20
  • Mean Performance Rate for All ACOs = 1.11

ASC Admission: Heart Failure (ACO-10)

  • ACO Performance Rate = 0.87
  • Mean Performance Rate for All ACOs = 1.04

Percent of Primary Care Providers who Qualified for EHR Incentive Payment (ACO-11)

  • ACO Performance Rate = 41.18%
  • Mean Performance Rate for All ACOs = 80.14%


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